AnasaYoga Retreats 2014

Irana JiAn YogaAnasa @ YogaShala


AnasaYoga Retreats
Irana JiAn Yoga Anasa@ Yoga Shala Paros

The sun never sets upon the self.Self is ever awake, ever perfect,  ever-transforming, ever-renewing, present, whole and complete.

Join us in Greece ,- live the unique Paros summer 2014 AnasaYoga retreats-as we unwrap the timeless beauty of Self Knowledge .


Enjoy daily pranayama, nurturing vinyasa flow yoga, inspiring talks, nature, dance and take home a daily practice for life at one of the best retreats in Greece.Imagine immersing yourself in an intensive program that enables you to :


Embark on a remarkable journey where you are the journey itself..

-inspire yourself  & practice every day

-explore the beauty of your Self


Teacher  Irana JiAn YogaAnasa

Vinyasa Yoga Practice:

Yoga sessions are breath inspired   practices that vary from meditative and rejuvenating (lunar) to challenging and empowering(Solar).The emphasis of the class is on alignment, breath and meditation. In every class we flow creatively through variations of sun salutations and all the groups of asana are integrated in sequences of Vinyasa to create full body transformation; strength and fluidity, circulation and centering.Chakra bodywork, Pranayama and meditation are integrated within the practice.

Classes are in English language. Daily morning practice  2, 5 hr and   afternoon additional 1, 5 hr.Enough time left to enjoy the island, the sea, the sun and the Greek relaxed way of living.Mats and other props used are available at Yoga Shala; you don’t need to take anything with you.Upon arrival we will have an afternoon meeting and meditation where you will  get the schedule for the Yoga Practice that begins in the morning.Practices will be at Yoga Shala in Naousa village .Some practices outdoors will be scheduled during the retreat.What is your yoga experience? Some previous VinyasaYoga experience is required, due to the pace of the practice.

Our daily retreat classes will include:

-Morning creative Vinyasa yoga


-A daily user creative practice

-understanding of yourself

-simple and effective Ayurvedic tools to help you balance yourself

-Meditation, mantra

-Dancing sessions


Accommodation: 8 nights accommodation with breakfast & brunch @ Arokaria Dreams Apartments

Cost :  -  580 euro for shared double room +breakfast & brunch+car rental (shared)

               -  780 euro  for a double room/single accommodation +breakfast & brunch+car rental (shared)

               - 230 Euro for the Yoga course only book here



MAY 17-25  EARTH & WATER  retreat


Grounding & fluid mandala of practices to expand your awareness and step into your strength.Balancing Earth & Water qualities : a  Yoga transforming experience.

This immersion is a trans-formative experience embodying the qualities of water and earth elements through Lunar-Solar Vinyasa   practice. Nourishing and rejuvenating yourself through yoga practice, pranayama, living nature and being  joyful.

We will  Dance-Move-Dive into Inner Spiritual Work through
*Solar-Lunar Vinyasa Yoga practice
* Rituals
*Create Sacred Space
*Individual/Partner/Group Exercises
*Learn the Importance of Transitions
*Yin Yoga release practice

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Earth is a balance of both yin and yang, the feminine and masculine together .Its motion is inward and centering, and its energy is stabilizing and associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability.Water is yin/feminine in character water is representative of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness and fluidity.




Centering fluid Vinyasa  systematically moving along the Chakra System to set your own light free.Life balancing practices.

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A Yoga trans formative experience .We will cultivate the “inner fires” or energetic centers / the  Chakras, from Muladhara chakra to Ajna chakra.Arranged vertically from the base to the crown,  the Chakras represent the nexus of our energy centers and the meeting point of all the different aspects of our being. Each Chakra is said to be in balance when our life  flows effortlessly , for our life to vibrate in fullness. To balace  the chakras we use  asana, pranayama, meditation  mantra and dance. When the chakras are in balance we feel more joy, peace and love in our lifes.


JUNE 14-22   SUMMER SOLSTICE   retreat     


Empowering earth/fire practice to fuel your Passion and Vitality.Balancing Earth & Fire qualities : a learning Yoga transforming experience.Stepping into your strength.

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Fire is yang/masculine in character, its direction is upward and its energy is expansive.Fire is associated with the qualities of dynamism, strength and persistence; however, it is also connected to restlessness. The fire element provides, warmth, enthusiasm and creativity, however an excess of it can bring aggression, impatience and impulsive behavior. In the same way, fire provides heat and warmth,  an excess can also burn us out. Fire is the Element responsible for the passionate resonance when you are following your life’s calling. It is the joy and laughter associated with playfulness. The negative emotion is hate, while its positive emotion is joy.

June 30-July 12

Uranos Blue Sailing & Yoga

Blue sailing and Yoga

Sailing charter vacations with Salvador in the greek islands aboard “Arianna”, an elegant 56 feet ocean racer sailing vessel.

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Imagine to sail the Greek islands for your holidays… For sure it’s a wonderful and original experience, perfect for families, honeymooners, group of friends, the young and seniors as well…

This is exactly what Uranos Blue Sailing Charter is offering for your next vacation aboard “Arianna”, an elegant 56 feet ocean racer sailing vessel, initially designed for sailing in any sea conditions, comfortably equipped to accommodate up to 8 guests in four double cabins, each with its own toilet. The yacht has a fully equipped galley and a salon for the guests.

You’ll enjoy an unforgettable 1 week or 2 weeks trip around the Cyclades islands, discover turquoise coves and uninhabited beaches, archeological sites and lots of natural wonders as well as the colorful island ports where you can enjoy many night activities: delicious food in typical local “Greek tavernas”, bars and more, or daily tours like fishing, snorkeling, diving, BBQs on the beach, sunbathing, navigation lessons, provided by the captain (informal, no qualification delivered), encounters with dolphins and more…

We will sail and practice Yoga on the beach each morning and later in the afternoon enjoy the beautiful island s life at port.Yoga teacher Irana Ji An..

tsoukalia dancer

Your safety and well-being are our top priority, and you’ll be sure to enjoy an amazing new experience guided by one of our qualified, certified and experienced captains, who will be interacting with you, our guests to provide a basic navigational instruction and sea lore. Our skipper is Your captain Salvador Chavas has been sailing for 12 years working in charter area. Part of his time is also dedicated to holistic living.fluent in several different languages (Greek, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese). Experience true freedom!

Please contact us about availability and details, we’ll be more than happy to respond to all your inquiries about Uranos Blue Sailing and our itineraries and plan your next vacation in the Greeks islands.

Blue sailing & Yoga 2 Blue sailing & Yoga
Max passengers: 8 people (4 cabins).
Included: skipper, diesel, port taxes and water.
Not included: food and beverages. The boat is fully equipped for cooking.
Itineraries can vary on choice. Usually, 6 different islands can be visited in 6 days (5 nights). Itineraries are subject to change depending on the weather conditions.




‘And still after all this tme,

the Sun has never said to the Earth “you owe me”.

Look what happens with love like that,

it lights up the sky’




AUG 31-SEPT 8   WATER ELEMENT    retreat    


 Awakening the Flow of energy through fluid Vinyasa .Soft, lunar rejuvenating practices.

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Water is yin/feminine in character water is representative of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness and fluidity. When your Water Element is in balance, you use your resources of energy, wisely, neither hoarding nor squandering that which life gives you . Water is also the element of stillness and rest, taking time to rejuvenate yourself. It is in the Water element that all great innovations and ideas are birthed.  The negative emotion associated with water is fear, while the positive emotion iscalmness.

SEPTEMBER  13-21   EQUINOX  retreat

 e A R T h        Yoga  &  Art


Enbodying the stabilazing qualities of the earth element -grounding, stability and nurturing- and from this space within us painting with earth colors .Creatively entering  the Autumn season.

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Earth is a balance of both yin and yang, the feminine and masculine together .Its motion is inward and centering, and its energy is stabilizing and associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability.The earth element is also nurturing and seeks to draw all things together with itself, in order to bring harmony and stability. On the shadow side, the earth element can represent selfishness and self-centeredness. The negative emotion of the Earth element is worry and its positive emotion is empathy.