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Irana JiAn AnapnoeYoga®

Irana JiAnapnoe Yoga Holidays in GreeceAnapnoeYoga® _ Vinyasa Flow

Irana JiAnapnoe Yoga Holidays in Greece

Why do you not feel the Divine?’ AnapnoeYoga®

‘I am a full-time yoga teacher. I have been teaching Yoga for a more than 15 years..practicing since 1992. The practice of yoga has taught me how to approach life with open eyes and a fearless attitude. It radically changed the way I understood and related to myself. It taught me that true power, strength, and success comes only as a result of a life lived in balance-a realization i trust to pass on.  I feel a great joy in seeing practitioners heal and transform themselves and their lives through yoga practice.

Irana JiAn Fourouli Yog’ratna

Senior teacher- has been teaching-16- living and practicing Yoga for more than 24 years. She has dwelt in different lineages of yoga- Sivavananda, Ashtanga, Traditional  Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Anousara, Jivamoukti, Bhakti Flow, Prana Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Scaravelli- and her background as Dancer, Artist, her Zen Buddhist practice and Therapeutic experience infuse her lifestyle and teaching. She accentuates the benefits of yoga for physical and emotional well being. Her knowledge of yoga, body and mind inspire a transformational approach to yoga practice. Her experience as a Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and her background can be clearly felt in her precision and fluidity in practice. Irana teaches with skill and confidence. Her instruction is clear and concise Her calm, generous and analytical teaching is loved by all, whatever their yoga experience. Irana’s unique style integrates breath, alignment and anatomical awareness to draw the student into their inner experience of each posture and into centering, expanding and flowing. Exploring both traditional  form and more deconstructed, natural breath inspired movement, her approach to yoga is strengthening, grounding, powerful, compassionate and vital in  healing the body-mind and the psyche. In her teaching she accentuates the importance of discipline & endurance on the path of conscious evolution.

Her skills include excellency in Asana alignment ,Communication skills, Physiology, Anatomy, Senior Transformational Yoga teacher, Integral  Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Master, Vinyasa Krama, Physical Yoga Thetapeutics & Yoga for Arthritis, Menopause & Diabetes and  Senior Meditation teacher. She is a mother and an experienced  Pregnancy Yoga and Kids Yoga teacher.

Irana anchors her work on the yogic Chakra System and Vinyasa Krama-as  taught by the Indian Yoga master, Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Incorporating Tranformational Yoga – as taught by Sri Swami Vidyanad- she promotes Purification and  Mantra, Pranayama, Yoga Nindra & Meditation are integrated within her practices. Irana Trains Teachers, Coaches women, organizes and leads Certified Yoga Teacher trainings, Transformational Yoga Experiences, Detox programs, Yoga Holidays, Workshops and seminars all throughout the year in Paros,-Greece, Lanzarote-Canarias, India..and around the globe.

Irana JiAn developed AnapnoeYoga® Awareness through the body- system of  teaching Yoga. as sacred movement and Founded Anapnoe Yoga Shala Studio in Paros-Cyklades, Greece in 2014.


‘Simply live, present to the moment, follow your heart, listen to the wisdom whispered on the breath of life every day’_ Irana JiAn


Irana JiAn Yoga

About Anapnoe Yoga

The Greek word Anapnoe means retieving the breath of life.

AnapnoeYoga® is a slow, gentle yet deeply grounding & strengthening Vinyasa Yoga practice that encourages the fluidity of the spine. Through deep long breathing we explore the divine wisdom of nature that lies within. The movement & breath awareness liberates one’s body – mind from deep rooted imprints and encourages the fluidity of the spine
Through this Yoga practice we  become more receptive, finding our body’s natural movement & expression. Movement unfolds from our core – to awaken the energy of the sun at the navel center-out in all directions. It is an integral practice that cultivates presence through embodiment.
Sessions are rejuvenating and balancing practices (solar-lunar). The emphasis of the class is on fluidity through the breath and awareness through the senses-body. In every class we move creatively through all  groups of Asana  creating full body transformation, circulation, centering & expansion. Chakra work, Pranayama, Mantra, Yoga Nidra and Meditation are integrated within the practice.

The teaching of AnapnoeYoga® is based upon the ancient Hatha Yogic texts, which state that all fixed forms should be practiced with the aim to develop free organic movement- unfolding from within- as a necessary step in the cultivation of longevity. The set forms and sequencing –Vinyasa Krama-contain within them all groups of asana ( body positions ) and movements (Standing, Pumping, Sitting, Weighing, Lying,and Bending– in all directions- Inverting, Spiraling,Turning, Twisting) for the proper development and fluidity of the spine. All these combined with suitable rhythmic breathing, bring about the unfolding of the inner strength, harmony of the individual and awareness of the Self.

Anapnoe Yoga  practice is trans-forming journey of experience, an approach to Yoga as conscious evolution.


Irana JiAn Yoga Mandala Immersion DVD

DVD Irana JiAnapnoe Yoga Holidays in Greece


This Video is for those who are already experienced practitioners of Vinyasa  Yoga and familiar with alignment principles and Pranayama techniques.
The practice is divided in modules and developed as a mandala of practices .Center of the mandala are this simple phrases: Breath deeply, move slowly, listen carefully, coiling and uncoiling- contracting and expanding , move from your core out , and back in to your center. Find stillness within movement. Follow your breath.      Be the flow.
The full body warm up – joint clearing, is a sequence to practice every day, for healthy and lubricated joints.
Solar practices are ideal those days when we feel very energetic, for strengthening and are best practiced in the morning.
Lunar practices are for the days we want a more gentle approach to the practice. Our moon days we want to move slower. Evening practices. You have 2 different choices in this direction.
Each breath you take come into presence and listen to your body’s messages. Be gentle with your body and honor it, your body is your temple! Namaste, Irana




Irana JiAnapnoe Yoga Holidays in Greece

Yoga is a way of taking yourself into life’s pulsing heart. It will inevitably lead you to your own vulnerability, to your raw places. But vulnerability also opens the door to love, grace, and the deepest forms of healing. Your vulnerability, scary as it can be, is inseparable from your capacity for intimacy and creativity and love.The spiritual journey often looks like a dance between the two distinct poles of vulnerability and boundaries. It’s a continuing dialogue between the impulse to soften and open and the impulse to contain and protect. The two apparent opposites turn out to be equal partners in the process of embodying spirit and heart.

As we move on,through a disciplined practice, we begin to gratefully accept  reality,  life and all other beings with love and compassion. Yoga translates to union of all as one. Between the body, the mind and our emotional self- and everything that is- the Divine. It is also developing like the seed becomes a tree…We creatively enter a greater clarity, we celebrate life, we embody Shakti our creative life force- and we experience a deeper state of awareness and presence.

Irana JiAn

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Irana JiAn’ s  fluid Vinyasa practice that awakens our creative energy and the natural flow of life’s breath and freedom. This energetic alignment based practice develops flexibility, grounding and inner balance and is suitable for all ages and body types. Engaging the soul body and breath in an harmonious healing and transforming practice: Standing, Pumping, Sitting, Weighing, Lying -face-down, face-up, on sides, Forwards, Sideways(lateral) Backwards- Inverting, Spiraling, Turning-Twisting. Sequencing Asana in a continuous rhythmic movement through the breath and the flow of Prana Shakti, our creative life force.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind in the present moment.


Out beyond our ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I ‘ll meet you there.


We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.