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Yoga Retreat Holiday in Greece

  • Master Yoga Retreat Calendar 2017
    Yoga Mandala Retreat Holiday rejuvenation program.
  • 7 day Yoga Mandala Rejuvenation Retreat
    Paros Wellness Tranformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Retreat Holidays in Greece.Awareness through the body. Relax awakening your Self mindfully, consciously.
  • 12 Day Solo Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat Holiday
    Paros Wellness Tranformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Retreat Holidays in Greece.Awareness through the body.Relax awakening your Self mindfully, consciously.
  • Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls
    Alternative healing therapies
  • New Moon Gatherings _ Lunar movement
    Awareness through the body
  • Woman Gineka Magazine September 2016
    Woman Gineka Magazine September 2016
  • Ashmayu Yoga & Wellness
    Celebrating the inner Light. Bangalore-India
  • Press Interview Irana JiAn
    Irana JiAn ia a beautiful young woman of Greek and Argentine origin. Slim, swift and warm with bright eyes she really seems to be living according that whicch she teaches. Her aspiration is to encourage people to live the best they can through physical practice, self observation and Trust, as she says.
  • Yoga Retreat – Detox Holiday
    Anytime of the year, you feel like going on a Detox-Yoga Purification Holiday : Whether you’re seeking to make a change, looking for a new life style or simply wanting to deepen your understanding of yourself, feel yourself becoming more joyful, loving, focused and present in your life.
  • Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
    Balancing & revitalizing Workshop July 10 - 22
  • Body tales : a guided movement session
    Body tales - express who you are now through your movement
  • Revitalize Mandala Yoga Retreat
    Yoga Holidays in Greece
  • Integral Transformational Hatha Yoga Course
    Yoga Detox Holidays in Greece
  • Integral Meditation Workshop
    Time meditation is the science and method by which we learn the process of internal observation and harmonization of physical, vital, mental and psychic aspects of ourselves.
  • TIME Yoga & Meditation for Corporates & Business leaders
    It is a swift and effective way for corporate leaders and management areas to eradicate stress, clear the mind, heal the body, increase productivity and sharpen focus and awareness.
  • Embodiment
      Embodiment Yoga is not the only part of my movement story. Dance has been part of my life since I started ballet at the age of four. Later I moved on to modern dance, various styles Jazz, Graham, Release, Afro Brazilian, Tango, and Fusion. Through dance I understood that the body is a vital
  • Drishti & Breath
    The 9 Drishtis   Wondering where to gaze when you’re practicing drishti? The Ashtanga Yoga system (taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) identifies nine directions or focal points. Nasagram drishti—tip of the nose Ajna chakra or bhrumadhya drishti—between the eyebrows Nabhi chakra drishti—navel Hastagram drishti—hand Padayoragram drishti—toes Parshva drishti—far to the right Parshva drishti—far to
  • Alignment
    There’s no “ideal alignment”. Good alignment for you as an individual is a position which holds up a mirror for you. It holds you accountable for your own imbalances, your foibles, challenges you to improve and facilitates your growth. It’s our foundation for beginning to awaken self-awareness: We all already have some awareness of our
  • Ginger & Lemon Detox Sunday
    Ginger & lemon Sunday