Blue sailing and Yoga

June 30- 5 July Uranos Blue Sailing & Yoga Sailing charter vacations with Salvador in the greek islands aboard “Arianna”, an elegant 56 feet ocean racer sailing vessel. Book now! Imagine to sail the Greek islands for your holidays… For sure it’s a wonderful and original experience, perfect for families, honeymooners, group of friends, the

MoonWoman workshop@YogaShala Parosmoon_woman_WEB

A day dedicated to you woman, to empower yourself, reconnect with your playfulness and joy of  being . Morning Kundalini Yoga 10:00 to 12:00hs with Cynthia Wells :Kriyas for women.12:00- tea break-MoonWoman workshop with Noa Simbony & Irana JiAn12:00- 14.30 hs -snack break-15:00-17:30hs femminity& the cycles of life-wisdom-manifestation-freedom .Inner listening work and expressive bodywork. Tea

March 1,Saturday at 18:30 hs @ Yoga Shala Paros-Fertility experiential workshop with Milena Braxoriti-Open&Free eventfertility

Βιωματικό σεμινάριο με την Μιλένα Βραχορίτη – Η θεραπία θήτα και ο ρόλος της στο θέμα της σίλληψης. -Τί είνε η θεραπια θήτα – αναφορά -Πως βοηθάει η θεραπεία Θήτα το ζεθγάρι στη σύλληψη -Διαλόγισμός -Πράκτικη αςκηςη Experiential workshop with Milena Braxoriti – Theta healing therapy & fertility. -What is Theta healig -How Theta healing

Yin Yoga ReleaseYin Yoga release

Nurturing deep yoga practice,  holding postures for several minutes and going into the depth of the breath in asana Breathing into presence – moving in the direction of release, expansion and freedom.Health & Regeneration Yoga Physical Therapy based program.Aim: To restore Balance to your system, take care of any injuries and cultivate radiant health. This

Reflexology Informative Lecture @ YogaShalaReflexology

Reflexology is an ancient technique based upon the premises that there are reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond to every nerve, organ, gland and bone in the body. Pressure massage in these points can stimulate the reflexes and benefit all body systems which are mapped out on the feet, hands and ears.


This Saturday at 18.30 hs @ Yoga Shala-Paros Milena Braxoriti will give us an intro lecture on ‘The path of healthy living’ ,and healthy nutrition tips to prevent cancer & other deseases .Zornitsa Giurova will introduce us to The Health Benefits of Tourmaline Gemstone .

April 13-20

Yin  Vinyasa Yoga retreat April 13-20 Let yourself   float upon the waters of restoration and healing now.Embody softness, peace and reveal your ‘joie de vivre’