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Retreats & Intensives

Wake up in the morning, soaking in sunrise light, sitting meditation in the eraly tranquility of body and mind. Rejuvenate through creative asana flow to awaken breath, vital energy and senses. Feel and receive the scent of this powerfull island and its healing qualities. Spend your noon at cozy beaches, finding solitude, take a hike or ride to the picturesque locations the island has to offer. Visit small fishermen villages and tavernas for a greek traditional dinner.


A Yoga transformative experience

Yoga classes morning and aftrenoon . Enough time left to enjoy the island, the sea, the sun and the Greek relaxed way of living.

9:00-11:00 Morning  Yoga :Solar practice & meditation .

12.00 Buffet Veg brunch

18:00-19:30 Yoga:Yin Yoga & Lunar Practice

@ Yoga Shala-Naousa .

Mats and other props used are available; you don’t need to take anything with you.

Yoga sessions are breath inspired ritual practices that vary from meditative and rejuvenating to challenging and empowering. The emphasis of the class is on alignment , breath and meditation.In every class we flow creatively through variations of sun salutations.All groups of asana are integrated – standing poses, arm balances, twists, back bends, hip openers, forward bends and inversions-in vinyasa secuences to create full body transformation; strength and fluidity, circulation and centering.

Chakra body work , pranayama and meditation are integrated within the practice.
Classes and courses are in English language.


April 11-19

Vasant Navaratri Vinyasa -Yoga Immersion

The  9 nights of the Goddess: offering to  our creative life energy as represented by the cyclical process of life.

Cleansing  & detoxifying ( Sping  Ayurvedic  Detox Plan),

Regenerating energy through Vinyasa.

This  is an auspicious time for transformation, shifting towards more balance with wisdom and joy.

April 29-May 5

Spring Beltane Yoga Immersion


The Beltaine is an ancient Celtic festival of optimism that celebrates the arrival of Spring. Its name means Bright Fire. Great bonfires would mark a time of purification and transition, heralding in the season in the hope of a good harvest. They also celebrated the fertility of nature and  hearts became one in love.Lovers met to unite  in nature .

We purify ourselves  through a simple  Ayurvedic detox plan and Vinyasa Yoga.
Vinyasa Yoga: variations of sun salutations to create a deep heat, opening the body bunning out toxins, calming the mind, bringing clarity and sense of freedom while linking breath and asana in a creative flow.  Some experience required due to the steady pace and the depth of the practice. Celebrate  Love  in joy  !


May 20-30
Agni Shakti Yoga Immersion- Retreat

A Yoga transformational  experience, to ignite our inner fire and to enable us to trust the natural order of all things and the Vinyasa of life(sequence of reality).To allow change,allow growth and allow deep healing.

Agni burns in every heart

Agni is Divine and eternal

Agni is the universe, the nectar of life

Agni is the medicine , the healer

Agni is the ocean of love


June 11-21

Summer Solistice Vinyasa – Yoga Immersion

The summer solstice is a time of intensity, renewal and great potential. Its  when the sun is in the sky the longest than any other day. This symbolizes the light  shining more brightly in our awareness. Its also symbolic of passion, desire and sensuality burning more intensely within the hearts of both humankind and animal kin. The sun is warming, so it fires our passions  to the potential of life that abounds.

The essence of this healing intensive program is to honor the full spectrum of life through yoga practices which are dynamic, positively challenging, and heart centered.Detoxification  is recommended.

As we are embrace love in its purest form, we grace ourselves and the world around us. This is high time to celebrate our vitality and the life creative energy of the sun.

Swaha !

July 22-29
Shakti & the 5 Elements Yoga Imersion

info:coming soon…


August 12-19
Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Immersion

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September 2-9
Aegean Sailing Vinyasa Yoga Adventure

info:Aegea Sailing