Workshops & Intensives

 Rejuvenate yourself , get inspired and experience wellness.

Brief intensive  weekend & holiday workshops .Interesting, fun, learning experiences to light your body-mind.


Mandala Immersion : A week Yoga Immersion into a deep healing and trans-forming experience at Yoga Shala with Teacher Irana Ji An.

You can take the Mandala immersion any week, month and time of the year.

Yoga mandala is a net of different classes designed to have a balanced practice in relation to your body-mind and the way you feel in the now. To practice in resonance with your present moment.

Using the mandala allows you to dive into a joyous Yoga practice in which, with constancy, you can change – feel more powerful productive and present in your life. Feel fit and love more.

You can use the mandala either to have a balanced practice in your everyday life, or holidays – day by day as a workshop- for a period of time you choose.

Mandala Immersion cost







August 22-23 Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Alexandra Basantpal Kaur


The Sweetness of the Heart – workshop

Life Life is flowing… Moment to moment… Flow with it, And be sheltered from the hassles Of time and space. Life is full of Power… Live it… From breath… To breath!

                                                                           Yogi Bhajan

Friday & Saturday 19:00-20:30hs
drop in cost 20 euro
workshop cost 60 euro


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