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Brief intensive  weekend & holiday workshops .Interesting, fun, learning experiences to light your body-mind.



June 27-29 Aerial Yoga Workshop with Tiffany Kyriakoulis


Aerial yoga is a contemporary form of yoga: a fusion of traditional yoga asanas and aerial arts. It is suitable for both beginners and for more advanced yogis as classes can range from being gentle, using the hammock as a prop to more demanding ones, where the hammock is used for resistance. Some of the benefits of aerial yoga include: core and upper body strengthening, improved balance and improved alignment of the spine. Also, when hanging upside down (inversions), the brain is oxygenated due to increased blood flow, and this results in a more alert mind. Other benefits of inversions include: improved digestion, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improved hair growth and skin toning.

Join me for a fun workshop to discover aerial yoga’s exciting poses: in, on, behind, in front of and underneath the hammock! Let’s fly, hang and rest in the hammock!!

Practice 1 friday 27/6 18:30-20:30 Introducing the hammock…
Our first workshop will help us become familiar with the hammock. We’ll start off with keeping our feet on the ground and then we’ll learn how to sit and lie in the hammock and how to balance on it. Finally, we’ll explore our first feeling of defying gravity by being suspended in mid-air.

Practice 2 saturday 28/6 11:00-13:00 Popeye Aerial!
This will be a strengthening workout, using the hammock for resistance in order to work out the upper body, core muscles and legs.

Practice 3 saturday 28/6 18:30-20:30 Restorative Aerial
A relaxing workshop focusing on twists, stretches and cooling inversions.

Practice 4 sunday 29/6 11:00-13:00 AeroTrix
Let’s go out with a BANG! with our final workshop being a playful one full of acrobatics, flips and tricks!

Workshop cost 80
Early bird (ends June 1) 65
Drop in practice 20 euro

Accomodation at walking distance from Yoga Shala   Sunrise ApartHotel





July 13

Shanti Hatha Yoga

Cultivating the full spectrum of solar-lunar practice experience in order to live in balance and integration. Grounding-stress reducing and rejuvenating. To embrace a slow,
meditative  grace to living yoga. Bringing peace to every step.
Paros YOga Shala19:00 – 21:30
Paros Island – Naoussa
Cost 30 Euros


Accomodation at walking distance from Yoga Shala Sunrise ApartHotel


July 15-17  Inprovisation & Feldenkrais workshop

Improvization & Feldenkrais

 Recognizing yourself  in movement… In this dance improvisation workshop we are given the opportunity to consciously experience the movement through our unique personal awareness. As we move we realize  our self – image we have of ourselves can change rather than being static and unchanging . Through traffic you can find ways to use energy, strength, sensitivity , working and expressing all the different aspects of yourself . The Feldenkrais method is a powerful tool in this direction and in an easy way can give us greater self-awareness and functionality coordinating feeling , thought , emotion and movement in one action.

Accomodation at walking distance from Yoga Shala   Sunrise ApartHotel





July 18-20 Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Alexandra Basantpal Kaur


The Sweetness of the Heart – workshop

Life Life is flowing… Moment to moment… Flow with it, And be sheltered from the hassles Of time and space. Life is full of Power… Live it… From breath… To breath!

                                                                           Yogi Bhajan

Friday to Sunday 11:00-14:00hs
drop in cost 20 euro
workshop cost 60 euro


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July 25-27 Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

with Tina Myntz Zymaraki


Ashtanga Yoga: Theory & Practice

Known for both its vigor and the way it links yoga postures together into a continuous flow, Ashtanga Yoga is the art of following our awareness through and between postures, breaths, thoughts, and techniques integrating both theory and practice. It is a system transmitted to the modern world by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) which involves synchronizing breath, attention and movement to produce a profound state of concentration by virtue of internal purification. During this in-depth weekend workshop, you will learn to employ core techniques like drishti and bandha, in order to awaken the body’s innate intelligence through a step-by-step exploration of the form, breathing, and movement upon which the series of postures in the classical Ashtanga method is built.

During the weekend, we will explore Ashtanga’s philosophy and practice, with guided sessions for every body. Learn about the building blocks of our practice and refine your technique for jump-throughs and jump backs. There will also be an in-depth exploration of the subtle aspects of the components and the inversions in the finishing postures. Morning sessions will begin with chanting & sitting in silence. The theory portion will include a closer study of the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga, as set out by master Patanjali and the opportunity to explore highlights from the Yoga Sutras.

Injury-free beginners and practitioners from all yoga traditions are welcome to participate in this transformative weekend. The workshop will offer a solid foundation for what may turn out to be a lifelong love affair with this amazing practice for those new to it, and a renewed appreciation of its subtleties for those more experienced.

FRIDAY 19:00-21:30 ~ Theory & Practice: An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga & The Fundamentals.

The workshop will begin with a detailed exploration of the fundamentals, in order to methodically and safely build the practice from the ground up and the inside out. The emphasis will be on the intricate details that allow the postures to feel simultaneously uplifting and grounded. We will also work with a precise outlining of the essential finishing postures that lead us naturally into pranayama and bandha practice as spontaneous awakening of intelligence and ease.

SATURDAY 10:30-13:00 Theory & Practice: Tristhana- The Core Principles Of The Ashtanga Practice. Unlock the techniques essential to unlocking the power and spirit of the Ashtanga practice. Delve deeply into the theory of tristhana, the core principles of the Ashtanga practice: breath, asana and gaze, as we move the practice deeper into the Primary Series, refining and illuminating, as we go.

SUNDAY 10:00-13:00 Practice: Primary Series, in the traditional Sanskrit count, followed by guided relaxation and metta (loving-kindness) meditation. The practice will be followed by a philosophy talk & discussion: The Yama & Niyama; practice in daily life, Q & A. This session will be very interactive and questions are encouraged!

A direct student of Ashtanga founder Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Tina spent more than a year of practice with him both in Mysore and the USA. Although she has studied and practiced with many senior Ashtanga teachers, her approach is most influenced by her primary American teachers, Richard Freeman and Eddie Stern. It brings her great joy to share the practice, making it enjoyable and accessible to all. For more, please visit:

Injury-free beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of practitioners are all welcome to practice in harmony together.

Workshop 75 euro
Early bird 60 euro until 28 May

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August 1-3 Expressive Bodywork workshop

with Thalia Venieri

Photoshop 4

Enjoy an expressive body shaping workout, connecting movements with music and rhythm.



Friday to Sunday 11:00-14:00hs
drop in cost 20 euro
workshop cost 60 euro


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August 22-24  Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Alexandra Basantpal Kaur


Stress & Vitality Workshop

Stress challenges our capacity to respond and adapt. Vitality is the foundation for neutrality, resiliency and an effective response to stress.Release stress so that yo can fully enjoy  living .

Friday to Sunday 11:00-14:00hs
drop in cost 20 euro
workshop cost 60 euro


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