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REVITALIZE YOGA Workshops 2015

Workshops & Intensives

REVITALIZE YOGA  get inspired and experience wellness.

Brief intensives,  weekend & holiday workshops. Interesting, fun, lexperiences to enlight your body, mind & life.



Mandala Immersion A week-any time yoga immersion.

A healing and trans-formative yoga holiday experience.


Yoga mandala is a net of different classes designed to have a balanced practice in relation to your body-mind and the way you feel in the now.

 You can use the mandala either to have a balanced practice in your everyday life, or as Yoga holidays – as an immersion – for a period of time you choose.

One week Yoga Mandala Immersion:

Plan your yoga holidays any time of the year
1 consultation, 1 personal session, unlimited group Yoga classes and personal guidance throughout the period you choose suiting the times and rhythm you desire. Meet your health aim through a consultation , and plan your mandala choosing the classes that will lead you to your desired goal. Choose from several Yoga styles personal Wellness sessions. www,yogaretreatsparos/bookonline



Personalized Workshops


Yoga Couching Program

A program,developed  & tailored according to the individuals  aim . Comprises 1 interview with the teacher +7  personal sessions .You can choose and combine Yoga & Wellness  practices of your choice. BOOK NOW

BeFit Body enhancement program

3 Prana Bodywork (body strengthening and sculpting practice)+ 2 dynamic yoga sessions, 2 stretching-grounding focusing sessions+Nutrition, Detox or weight loss plan. BOOK NOW

Beauty & Regeneration program  

3 Prana Bodywork sessions+3 YinYoga & Faceyoga+1 stretching, grounding, focusing session+Nutrition Detox counseling or weight loss program+a practice to take home. BOOK NOW!

Integral Yoga Purification program

Hatha Yoga , Vinyasa,  Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation Yoga Nidra. This program is a one week  process  to bring physical strength , vital harmony, mental clarity, psychic renewal  and balance. Seven sessions of 1hs20 minutes developed according to the individuals needs and body-type +  nutrition counseling +a practice to take home. BOOK NOW!

Chakra Yoga balancing program

1 consultation + 7 yoga & chakra work sessions : The Chakras are 7 wheels of energy and consciousness, located along the central axis of the body-along the spine.They underlie and influence every aspect of our being-physical, energetic, mental and emotional. We can work with these chakras through yoga practices and feel more balanced, centered and aware and therefore feeling more revitalized. Each session comprises Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mantra,dynamic meditation and Coaching work. BOOK NOW!