REVITALIZE YOGA Workshops 2015

Workshops & Intensives

REVITALIZE YOGA  get inspired and experience wellness.

Brief intensives,  weekend & holiday workshops. Interesting, fun, lexperiences to enlight your body, mind & life.


Mandala Immersion - A week-any time yoga immersion.

A healing and transformative yoga holiday experience.

You can take the Mandala immersion any week, month and time of the year.

Yoga mandala is a net of different classes designed to have a balanced practice in relation to your body-mind and the way you feel in the now. To practice in resonance with your present moment.

Using the mandala allows you to dive into a joyous yoga practice in which, with constancy, you can change – feel more powerful productive and present in your life. You will be fit, joyful, focused and more productive in your life.

You can use the mandala either to have a balanced practice in your everyday life, or holidays –  a workshop- for a period of time you choose.

Mandala Immersion cost